Delicious cakes and treats for every occasion

A small business to cater to your needs

 We are a small family run business which we have started in 2016 in the tiny Kingdom of Bahrain.  Our love for food and desserts enable us to create and hand-craft delicious, beautifully presented, "REASONABLY PRICED and CATERED TO YOUR BUDGET" cakes and baked goodies and we are very much excited to share them with you here in the UK!!! 

We make cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, parties and much more. We also prepare savory Asian foods such as our signature chili garlic oil which is much loved by our customers. 

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Mary's Kitchen will be in Congelton Market Quarter this coming Saturday (18th November). The Market opens from 10am up till 4pm on the day. If you are around do pop by and say hello and grab yourself a treat! :) 

We also make be at the St. Hugh's Catholic Primary School Christmas Market this coming 30th November from 7pm to 9.30pm. Please do drop by and support the school! More info in the flyer below!

More dates on our next pop-ups are on our events page!